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For over four decades Marvel have been
creating the world’s greatest comics. Now their amazing heroes and villains are available in a
unique collection of fully authorised figurines.
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Dare Devil!
Making the model
Collectable figurines; not designed
or intended for play by children
under 14.
All Marvel’s greatest characters will appear in the
  collection. Future figurines will include Doctor
      Octopus, Storm, Wolverine, Blade, The
         Thing, Iron Man, Dr Doom, The Green
        Goblin, Daredevil and many more!
     Once the researchers have passed the artwork
   and reference to the sculptor he begins work –
   a single figure can take weeks to complete!
  The sculpt begins life as a skeletal frame, the
flesh and bones added to it little by little until
the character starts to form.

Amazing care is taken to capture the heroic or
  villainous nature of each character – down to
    the finest detail. Once the master sculpt is
      completed it is hand painted – using the
     official Marvel style guide as
     reference – before going
  to Marvel’s New York
 office for final approval.

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Stored in its own
collector’s box
Stamped with its own
individual number
Sculpted in lead
6. Blade, 7. Silver Surfer, 8. Green Goblin, 9. Captain America, 10. Dr Doom